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This site is under constant construction. Please bookmark and check back here often to see what's new. Thanks.

I also raise & sell: Appaloosa Horses, Miniature Appaloosa Horses, Miniature Jersey Cattle, Dexter Cattle, St. Croix cross HAIR Sheep, Milk Stock Goats, and Non-Registered Siamese Kittens and Siamese x Himalayan cross Kittens!

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I raise and sell ApHC registered Appaloosa's. Many of my Appaloosa's are also registered with the ICAA and the AApA. Several are eligible for FAHR, Sundance 500, and other registries.

I concentrate on breeding Appaloosa to Appaloosa and avoiding any/all outcrosses. I believe the Appaloosa is a PURE breed and not some "mutt" horse with (or without!) Spots on it.

In my breeding program, I don't try to "Follow the Crowd" and only breed the "big names". I try to "Follow my Heart" and breed for the HEALTH, sanity, conformation, good hooves, gentleness, color, and the other things that ANY good horse should have!

I'll put many pictures and pedigrees on this site, of my Appaloosa's and you can see for yourself the type of Appaloosa's I'm breeding and/or breeding for. Some of the pedigrees will have the "big names" in them. Some will not. However, each and every Appaloosa here is an individual and is it's OWN HORSE, not just a name in a pedigree. They are all gentle, sane, have great hooves, good conformation and are healthy. They are raised in a pasture situation, like a horse should be, and my stallions pasture breed my mares, like nature intended. Most of my Appaloosa's are COLORED, tho of course, there will always be a few "bashful" ones who keep their spots on the "inside" and out of sight. But you can still see the Appaloosa in them just by their wonderful temperament! I currently have one Appaloosa who shuffles (does the "Indian Shuffle") and I am trying to get it "bred into" my herd.

I love my Appaloosa's and I hope that when you look at these pictures and pedigrees, you will, too!

If you have any questions or would like to purchase one of my Appaloosa's, please contact me at:

Thanks! Enjoy!

Deloris J. Willis

Dixon, Missouri 65459

If you can Dream it...
An APPALOOSA can DO it!!

Deloris & Keith Willis
21803 Hwy 28 West
Dixon, Missouri 65459

Phone: 573-759-6959

EXTENDED PEDIGREES for my Horses can be found on the "DelMar Pedigree/All Breed Database" Site:

Click here for "DelMar Pedigree" site!

All of our Horses and Dogs are Permanently Identified with the AVID MICROCHIP.


"KRA Top Hand Hope" (filly) scratching!
FewSpot/SnowCap Appaloosa Filly Hopescratch.jpg
Click picture for bigger view in another window.

"Lorrie's Last Chance" (mare)
Black/White Appaloosa MareChanceMaliaEaglebarn.jpg
Chance (with Malia & Eagle)

"Joholer's Nite Wind" (Stallion)
"Jo" at 2yrs. old. "Jo" is a "SnowCap" Appaloosa stallion.

"DJW Li'l Wapiti Eagle" (Filly)
"Eagle" at 1yr. old.

"Sweety's Shadow" (Mare)
Sweety is a "FewSpot" Appaloosa mare.

Appaloosa Stallion, "Jo" walking in pasture snow. 12/2006.

DW Malia's Legacy
malia walk downhill past pond watch me
"Malia" is a granddaughter to my first Appaloosa - "Malia Muncy"

Questions or comments? Email me at:

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AppyHorsey's Appaloosa's & Pets

Appaloosa Horses, Miniature Appaloosa Horses,
Miniature Jersey Cattle, Dexter Cattle,
St. Croix cross Hair Sheep,
Siamese Kittens &
Himalayan x Siamese cross Kittens.
For SALE in Missouri.

Deloris J. Willis
Dixon, Missouri 65459
Phone: 573-759-6959



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